Here & Now
Why is this concept important?

Every present moment is highly rich in internal experience, which includes body sensations and mental events (thoughts, accompanying emotions and feelings).

Right now at this present moment hundreds of (mainly repetitive) thoughts are spinning in your head, evoking different emotions, assembling mental pictures of what will be in your life or what has already been there.

The mind is judging, making plans, trying to live, and constantly reviewing conversations and situations from the past. Most of time all those events are “happening to us” and spinning around on automatic mode.

Whether you believe it or not, mental events heavily influence the quality of your life – mood, temper, what you feel and do, and your actions and reactions. That is why we need to learn to land at the “Here and now” – as we enter the present moment we switch from automatic modus of existence to creative engagement into own life.

5 reasons to connect with the Here & Now:
The Here & Now is a strategic point where we can understand who we are, see where we stand, and realise where we want to be.
It is a turning point where we can make any small or big change as an author of our own life.
It is a room where we are able to decide between reaction and action as acting agents of our own mind.
It is a safe place where we can release any heavy thought with simplicity and ease without posing usual ultimatums to the self (e.g. I will feel better as soon as I am on vacation).
It is a lovely place where you can gain self-love and self-understanding.
Here & Now
How to connect with the Here & Now?

Yoga and mindfulness practice are great tools for experiencing the Here & Now. Being fully present is different from “flow moments” when you are completely absorbed with an activity and lose a sense of time. At the Here & Now you can actively, and with curiosity, observe and get know the building blocks of your reality: thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and feelings.

As yoga and mindfulness are called “practice,” it is highly advised to take a chance, a little bit of time, and simply try it out.

The concept is given here as an invitation for your further reflection whether you have just started with mindfulness & yoga for beginners, regularly attend mindfulness & yoga classes, a student at yoga teacher trainings programs or someone who looks for a chance to find some depth in everyday life.

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