Yoga teacher – a quiet reminder
01 AUG

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Why is it important?
It is so important to not only give instruction for postures, but to also live in accordance with high values of life. What roles could be taken by a yoga teacher? I believe, the options are almost endless: a mentor, a friend, or a person who cares; a trainer for the body or even an entertainer for an evening after a stressful workday… However, the role I would love to consider is the role of a quiet reminder about great life values such as unconditional love (self-love included), kindness, the art of letting go and of course non-violence. This role is a hard one. If you try to be a quiet reminder, you have to integrate all those values in your own life and bear them in mind when making choices for your life.

3 reasons to be a quiet reminder

  1. It brings depth to your yoga classes
  2. To carry and spread the essence of yoga teachings (which is not only the ability to put one’s leg behind one’s heaor perform a full split)
  3. It increases the value of your teachings and helps you to develop a distinctive teacher’s voice.

Practical implementation

A quiet reminder @ yoga class
If you teach a yoga class, don’t lose the chance to work in depth and begin a class with a theme. It might be some wise quote or a recent decision you had to make in life. Share your experience, if it comes from your heart it will resonate in others. Encourage participants to let go with each breath out. Let them calm down in forward bend or Savasana and invite them to find out what makes them feel harder or lighter when they mindfully observe their own emotions.

A quiet reminder @ your studio
Be honest with clients and any others who work with or at the same studio as you. Never judge students or divide them into categories, such as favourites and ordinary customers. Judging is considered an act of violence because it might hurt someone’s feelings. Listen carefully and speak from your heart. Through lifelong practice, it is possible to create a habit of aligning what we think and feel in our minds.

A quiet reminder in life
Practice throughout your day active, mindful listening (in order to understand and not just to respond), a kind gentle attitude in any situation (even a sparkle of it might be so transformative!), and self-love without heartless egocentrism. This does not make you weaker, in contrast, such calm, solid, kindness, openness and attentiveness make us incredibly strong role models in others’ eyes.

Three key points
I would like you to remember and mindfully reflect on 3 points from this blog:

  1. As you prepare for your next class, invest some time in building an asana sequence that works to remind yourself and your students about a timeless life value
  2. Do not judge, but try instead to align your feelings and your thoughts; With constant and consistent practice, your actions will line up too!
  3. Extend to all others unconditional love –remember that in this practice you are a starting point.
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