3 pieces of advice to gain more from your yoga practice
17 AUG

3 Minutes to read

It always starts with intention, continues with the yoga postures and, overtime, flows into daily life.

I have already experienced this many times before. You learn a bunch of new practices, feel inspired and ready to re-build your whole life in order to wake up earlier, meditate, and practice. I purchased fascia rolls to train my body, woke up at 6 o’clock in order to start the day with meditation and asana practice, and even tried to manage one more meditation session during the day at the office lavatory…

However, in spite of my efforts, my mind (the same as yours, because we are all human beings) tends to lose interest in practice.

There are 2 main reasons for the mind to decrease interest over time:

1. Weakening of motivation:
it is hard to imagine how much impact the daily integration of yoga might have over our life quality, if benefits of yoga are represented to us as freely flowing energy, connection with the highest self, or a more favorable next reincarnation.

2. Busy schedules:
our daily agendas are often packed with many responsibilities, creating a strong feeling of lacking time. They simply keep us away from paying attention to internal events, regular meetings with our own self and reflecting upon philosophical ideas. Quite often we get advice on how to manage daily yoga practice from the highly devoted practitioners, great yoga and meditation teachers, who have the stamina and interest to re-build their own lives to practice yoga. Their advice might sound great and inspirational, but unfortunately it is often not quite as possible for a well-grounded modern person who must also have the stamina and interest to maintain 40-(or more)-working hours a week, raise children, keep an active social life or develop inspiring hobbies. As a result, we follow the advice some of the time and then simply give up, stepping back to our busy daily patterns.

So, what can we do to maintain the practice?

Delicate integration of yoga into your life instead of suppressing a normal life The most important thing to realize for effectively integrating the practice into your life is that you do not have to decrease your communication with the external world, friends, family, partners, colleagues and pets in order to devote yourself to yoga! You do not have to give up on other hobbies or your life habits. You do not have to suppress your thoughts or emotions and express them in a particular way. All you should do is bring three tiny invisible elements of yoga – inspirational ideas, light posture practice and meditation to your thinking, exercising, and processing of daily life experiences.

Do not overestimate the importance of yoga posture practice Remind yourself that the use of asana practice is the simplest tool on the way to achieving a high quality of life, which does not depend on any life conditions. Through yoga practice we enable a positive stress-free evolution of the mind that results in “pleasant embodiment”, “internal balance” and “a feeling of inner peace”. The goal of your asana practice is to learn how to bring attention to physical sensations and mental events in a safe, relaxed, and pleasant atmosphere.

Look around mindfully. Do not waste your time! You will be surprised at how much collective wisdom has been accumulated by our human society throughout its history. Start being interested and awake your passion about wisdom. It is equally important not to overdo it. You do not have to read every book about happiness, mind and possible meaning of life. You even do not have to read every book from the beginning up to the end, unless it really awakes and keeps your interest. Make a wise choice about what you choose to read. Plan your free time wisely, mindfully, and joyfully.

These 5 ideas are taken from the book „Change the highway lane“ You can learn more about this new yoga book on September 12th 2019 at Studio Re:treat, 1060 Vienna. Presentation of the book starts at 19:15 and you are more than welcome at this event. There is no entrance fee.

During the presentation, we will practice light yoga postures and meditate a bit. This is also a charity event where you can donate to an Austrian Organization that helps children who are diagnosed with cancer – Österreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe. Yoga is a connection, let us connect on September 12th in Re:treat for a good reason! Thank you! 

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