For Yoga Teachers
28 JAN
5 Sachen die selbständige Yogalehrer wissen sollen

5 Minuten zu lesen 

Heute möchte ich gern 5 grundlegenden Fragen erläutern, nämlich:

1. Brauche ich einen Gewerbeschein zum Yoga-Unterricht?

2. Welche Steuern muss ich zahlen?

3. Wie soll ich meine Rechnungen schreiben?

4. Brauche ich einen Steuerberater?

5. Wie soll ich meine Dokumente ordnen, um einen genauen Überblick über meine Ausgaben und Einnahmen zu haben?

20 JAN
Who are you as a yoga teacher?

An honest self-questionnaire without the necessity of signing up or leaving any other information!

04 JAN
Teaching plans 2019: three programs yoga teachers should attend

5 Min read

I try to live mindfully and wish you the same in 2019. If you are a yoga teacher, I am happy to share something meaningful with you. Namely, three teachers’ certification programs, which I will lead at the Akshara Yoga Institute Austria in Moedling in 2019.

01 OCT
All about yoga styles.
Part II

3 Min read 
In this blog I continue with short reviews of different yoga styles. They intend to serve as your navigational tool for the current yoga landscape.

12 AUG
All about yoga styles. Part I.

3 Min read 
I present to you in this blog a series of entries “all about yoga styles.” This is your navigational tool for the current yoga landscape.

09 AUG
Ethics of teaching yoga

3 Min read 
This blog intends to represent some ideas from a great book written by New Zealand yoga teacher Donna Farhi called “Teaching Yoga: Exploring the teacher-student relationship”.

07 AUG
Yoga philosophy: Satya – 3 dilemmas or how to be truthful in a very practical ways

4 Min read 
Satya means truthfulness. It is one of 5 Yamas or existential advice for a content life taught by Yoga Philosophy.

03 AUG
Yoga online: strengths and weaknesses

3 Min read 
We have gotten so used to using “Google” and “YouTube” for any question or desired skill. Should we also do that if we wish to learn yoga?

01 AUG
Yoga teacher – a quiet reminder

3 Min read 
It is so important to not only give instruction for postures, but to also live in accordance with high values of life.

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